Day at Kalpitiya

If you are a person who enjoys a holiday by the beach, kalpitiya is the perfect location in this paradise island Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya which is located in the Puttalam district is an attractive destination for its beautiful beaches and dolphin watching. The sunset in the Kalpitiya beach is a magical view since the sun sets within minutes. Even though Kalpitiya is untouched by a vast number of tourists there are many remarkable places to visit in this area. Specially when it comes to whale and dolphin watching.

You can simply start the day by watching how the fishing boats set off from the sea shore. You’ll get a privilege to sale off for dolphin watching in the Indian ocean too. Kalpitiya is perfect for dolphin and whale watching since you don’t need to head out too deep and you’ll be surrounded by 1000s of dolphins in this beautiful blue ocean. September to December it is the perfect season to check out the flying dolphins as we get to know from the villagers. The excursions will set off along with the sunrise and you’ll get to explore many marine species for 2-3 hours which gives you an unforgettable experience.

And I would like to appreciate the service, foods and the staff at Hotel Malheim Kalpitiya ( not sponserd ) which we spent the night. Their treatments are quiet well.

Meals At Kalpitiya

When the night boats return to the shore it’s the time to decide on your favourite seafood platter. They will be having all sort of fresh fish including crabs, prawns, oysters and lobsters. If you are in Kalpitiya don’t forget to taste the marine as well as lagoon fish. Srilankan are very known for their own mouth-watering dishes made out of different types of fish. Specially when it comes to breakfast there is nothing more than hot roast bread with a prawn curry dish and butter. They make different kinds of recipes of out fish where you can enjoy any time during the day. Watching the sun set with some hot “Isso wade” is the best combination you’ll find in Srilankan bay life. If you are really interesting about Sri Lankan traditional food culture & how it spread over the country, you can read more here.

Kalpitiya is one of the most attractive place in Sri Lanka where you see windmills along with the beach So come and visit this beautiful environment and enjoy your vacation in different ways with appetizing Srilankan dishes and many adventurous water sports. While you enjoy this beautiful nature don’t forget to leave only your footprints and save our environment to the future generation.

Our Shelter

Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Travel Guide
Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Wind mills are all around our hotel premises, hope you can feel the windy environment from the above pics which was snapped by my poor little iphone.

Kalpitiya Sri Lanka - KiteSurfing

If you want to spend your beach holiday in an adventurous way kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is a great idea. It is one of the coolest ways you can get an awesome experience since it is very popular with the young generation in Sri Lanka.  If you are in Kalpitiya during August or September don’t forget to strap your self on this giant kite and get dragged on the sea by a surf board. When you are flying through the breeze, you’ll realize how fascinating it is.

Finally, since this is my first blog post I would like to thank ( not mine actually hahaa….) Yah, this is my pretty big sister “Santhushi”, ( I will introduce her in the near future ) and her nice experience with her aunt and two little annoying sisters which is not mentioning here btw 😉 I think this has already made you some feeling about the Kalpitiya area and the opening up my blog with her is a successful one.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment, share and keep in mind to protect our environment, See you soon 

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