Kadiyanlena falls (Kataboola Ella) - Nawalapitiya

Kadiyanlena falls (Kataboola Ella) consists of 3 levels. The Main Nawalapitiya road crosses this fall on an old arch bridge where dividing the 1st and second half on top and 3rd fall on beneath.

The first & the highest segment falls in the single stream with a height of 8 meters. The 8m height Kataboola Ella (Kadiyanlena Falls) cascades down in 3 stages as I mentioned above. Although the flow is otherwise languid, during the rain the fall is transformed into a rushing body of water, the spray reaching the nearby road. This time it was like no water there comparing to the rainy season.

From the pool below the 1st segment, the water falls to the second pool over a wide rock creating the second part. This creates a wide segment of about 6-7 meters. You can differentiate the water level with the cover image and the following 2 images, rainey & drain seasons separately.

Then the water flows under the arch bridge and creates the final segment of the fall underneath the bridge. The complete waterfall with all three segments is probably 25 meters in height.

Kandy Waterfalls
Kandy Waterfalls Sri Lanka

Left side picture is the 2ns half of the fall and the right picture is the top section of the fall

How to reach Kadiyanlena Falls

Kadiyanlena falls located in Kataboola Estate, 10km away from Nawalapitiya, 46.6km away from Kandy (1 hour 18 minutes) thus this waterfall is also called Kataboola Falls. This water stream is one of the border which divide two districts in Sri Lanka as Nuwaraeliya & Kandy. The milestone N7 nearby the bridge indicates so. The footpath is also beginning from there to reach the top.

If you ate taking the route from Kandy, try Peradeniya, Daulagala, Gampola & Ulapane until Nawalapitiya. Travel about 10km down the Nawalapitiya-Kothmale Road to reach this amazing Kadiyanlena Falls.

Colombo to Kadiyanlena falls direction

Colombo to Kadiyanlena falls directions that we took along the journey

Trip to Kadiyanlena Falls

So this is about another long weekend. While I was thinking how to spend the weekend 7,8,9th of march, Dilini, one of my  friend asked me for a destination to hike around. After I suggest a list of places she just invited me to join with her with her friends. Why should I miss a chance like this? That’s how I met this gang. Altogether it was 18 people & this was the biggest group which I have roam so far. The coolest thing is physically I didn’t know anyone of this group even Dilini, we got to know each other  though  Instagram and this would be the first time that we are going to meet.

07th March

0600hrs – just woke up and suit up to catch the bus which is going to pick me  nearby my boarding. By 0630hrs I get on board as we discussed earlier. One girl and 4 boys were there and it took only half and hour to be friends with them. (Pokuru, Dilan, Chathura, Madavi). Luckily all of them were into IT industry. Another 2 girls got on board near by Balummahara (after 30km from Rajagiriya around 0800hrs ) and we took our breakfast there. We met one of my favourite artist family (actor) & it was an unforgettable moment too.

0730hrs – we picked 3 guys from there homes on our way. The good news is they brought lunch for us to full fill our bellies.

Likewise we collect our members on our way. We halt our bus nearby Rambukpitiya school to have our brunch & refresh. Much spaced bus stop helped us to have our brunch there & chat.

Rambukpitiya College Gampola
Kandy Waterfalls Sri Lanka

Bus stop where we took our brunch in front of Rambukpitiya Maha Vidyalaya

Then we were heading to Kadiyalena falls. From Nawalapitiya we went through Dimbula road and nearby 13 milepost you can easily find this beautiful fall. It falls through 2 steps and the beauty is that it falls under a 3 arched bridge and in the left bank after the second fall, it met with an another water stream which came from a small power house. During rainy season it appears like a water mill there.

0100hrs – Since it was a long weekend we had to wait there to take some snaps because it was fully crowded.

Kandy Waterfalls
Nuwaraeliya Waterfalls

Left side picture was taken underneath the bridge & the other one is from the top

Without the rain it looks like a python who is about to die over a valley. The real beauty has faded away. We spent around one hour to take photographs & walked around. That was a good time to talk each other since most of us were strangers.

The environment is little bit polluted. Since it can be reached easily. This is a good place to hang around with your family because even it can be seen from your vehicle while passing the arched bridge. Please keep in mind not to pollute this water reservation area.

0400hrs – We walked down the stream to find out a safe place to bath & to have our lunch. It was nearby the powerhouse down the waterfall & we enjoyed our evening there. Even if that was a dry season for the fall, the water is cold as usual.

Nuwaraeliya waterfalls sri lanka
Nuwaraeliya waterfalls sri lanka

The food was so delicious since we were too tired. I served myself 3 times than I usually do & enjoyed the meal. The cold whether & the evening wind kept us there a while & delayed our time to reach camping destination, Peacock Hill.