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My Sri Lanka Travel Blogs are to help you plan your trip a comfortable one. You can grab the information about Sri Lanka without any cost. Here are some ideas on costs & destinations around this tiny little island. Surf my travel blogs to understand the culture, surroundings & wonderful destinations. The whole purpose is to make your visit to Sri Lanka an unforgettable one. Keep in mind to make your journey an Eco-friendly. It will definitely help us to protect our environment for the future. Cheers..!

Kataragama Pada Yatra - The Foot Pilgrimage

Kataragama Pada Yatra
Foot Pilgrimage

Katharagama Pada Yatra, the sacred foot pilgrimage which is happening for 2 months from Jaffna to Kataragama during May to July

Adams Peak in Sri Lanka

Sri Padaya
Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka

Sri Padaya, Southwestern edge of Sri Lanka, the summit of Adam’s Peak is one of Sri Lanka’s most striking natural landmark

Kadiyanlena falls Nawalapitiya

Kadiyanlena Falls

Kadiyanlena falls (Kataboola ella) consists of 3 levels.The first & the highest bridge segment falls in the single stream with a height of 8 meters.

Starting point Peacock Hill Sri Lanka

Peacock Hill
Sri Lanka

Hike to Peacock Hill, so called “Monara Kanda” is a relatively easy one. You can almost reach the top by your own vehicle easily

Chariotpath Sri Lanka

Chariot Path
Sri Lanka

The amazing Chariot path Sri Lanka is in Pussellewa, Kandy District. Hidden in Froftoft Tea Estate. Then you must drive to the village of Perettasi

Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Day at Kalpitiya
Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya; Kalpitiya Hotels, Kalpitiya Kitesurfing, Kalpitiya Beach, and Restaurants making it your best travelling destination