Chariot Path Sri Lanka
Morning at Chariot Path Sri Lanka

Chariot Path Sri Lanka

Chariot Path
Sri Lanka

The amazing Chariot path is in Pussellewa, Kandy District, Sri Lanka. Hidden in Froftoft Tea Estate. This mysteries mountain is filled with many historical stories. A person who begins her journey from Colombo should first reach Pussellewa. Then you have to drive to the village of Perettasi which ascended through the delta estate, which is about 12km away from there.

Chariot Path Sri Lanka - History

The chariot path is a road like path where the “Dandu monara” has been landed. Ancient tales revealed that King Ravana brought Sita devi to this place to show the beauty of his kingdom while flying from Lankapura to Ashoka Vatika. It is displaying the natural beauty of Sri Lanka at the top of mountain range in Pussellawa. Till date no vegetation grows on this passage except grass. The Sita tear pond is found en route, is believed to have been formed by the tears of Sitadevi. It has not dried up since, even during severe droughts when the adjoining rivers dry up.

Flower path Sri Lanka
Chariot Path Sri Lanka

Chariot Path - Our Journey

You may think how we drop out of nowhere to Chariot Path. Hope you already read our previous day experience. This is the continuation of Kadiyanlena Falls & the Peacock Hill blog.

1300hrs – We switched our bus to a public transport, Perettasi from Pussellewa since our bus could not make the journey through that road. It was the easiest way to get there. People were very friendly & helpful throughout our bus ride. The route through the mountains was not easy. It took around one & half hour to arrive at Frotoft Estate through our bumpy ride. An old, abandoned tea factory & a small hospital were there.

1430hrs – There are several treks for the chariot path. We took a bath before starting our journey. Hiking along the usual trek was a little bit longer through the tea estate. Since this is my second journey to Chariot Path, I got some idea about the trek. Assuming it was a shortcut & to save the time, we began our journey through a stream where we took the bath. It was not so easy. At some points we had to manage cliffs.

Chariot Path Sri Lanka

Final bus stop

Chariot Path Sri Lanka

Where we began the journey

1600hrs – Journey through the tea estate was not a difficult task but you have to be careful because most of the time you can not see your foot path. The shortcut idea was a good one, because we saved 40mins as I compared to the previous hike. Finally, we found ourselves at the foot of the Chariot Mountains.

1700hrs – Tea plantation area was ended at that point & then we had to go through the forest. There was a footpath that laid along the journey from there. Although it was not so difficult to keep in track Little by little the slope became high. As I got to know this foot path is used by locals to cross over to the tea estate on Hewaheta side so it will not get completely covered for any reason. It would take an hour to the top. It was a different experience for me because in my previous journey the mountain was fully covered with mist. This time it is filled with flowers & the weather is not so cold.

Flowers on top are called Sita flowers. The peculiarity of these flowers is the configuration of the petal’s, stamen and pistil’s, which resemble a human figure carrying a bow, and is said to represent Lord Rama. These flowers are unique only to this area in the whole of Sri Lanka.

Chariot Path Sri Lanka
Chariot Path Sri Lanka

1830hrs – Two groups were already there when we reached the top. At night, the sky was filled with stars since it was a full moon day the moon lit like a bulb on top of us. You can clearly see Sri Padaya from there feeling like it is nearby. We could clearly identify the path to Sri Padaya because it was the Sri Pada Season. The road was lightened up as a curve which displayed the letter “C”. Do not forget to bring what you need to keep warm with in your tents. You can have a blaze outside.

2000hrs – We prepared our dinner after we settled down our tents. Finding wood was the next task for us to keep us warm until morning. The dinner was spicy & it helped us to forget the cold for a moment. As last night we did not forget to have a great evening singing our favourite songs until midnight.

Night at Chariot Path

Camping site Chariot path

Night at Chariot Path

Camp fire

Night at Chariot Path

Moon on top of

Chariotpath Sri Lanka

Morning view Sri Padaya from Chariot path

Chariot path - Morning

0600hrs – It was like a mess in the morning. Sun was rising from one side. Shadows from the mountain were appearing from another side. Dew drops were smiling around the plain. Treetops were shining & among all of these it was very difficult to think where to aim the camera & shoot itself. The morning golden hour appeared perfectly on that day. The mist was kissing the tea estates reminding us how beautiful our mother land is. Shadows from the mountains, clouds on them & it was really difficult to express that morning by words.

We came back to our camp site & proceeded towards the opposite edge of the mountain to witness the beauty of Kotmale valley. It was totally cleared off. It is obvious why Sitha devi was brought here by king Ravana. From one end to the other one can easily spot Piduruthalagala summit, Kikiliyamana, One tree hill, Nawalapitiya town, Pundalu oya, Great western, Totupola kanda, Adams peak at the center, Galaboda range , Kabaragala of dolosbage, Peacock hills, Kotmale reservoir & New Kotmale town, Frotoft estate, Peacock hills, Alagalla, Gampola & Ambuluwawa.

Morning at camping site Sri Lanka
Morning at camping site Sri Lanka

Behind the Seen - Chariot path Sri Lanka

The saddest thing is it was prohibited to visit Chariot path after a few months we visited. From one side it is a good action taken by the authorities. As we justify ourselves it was a mess on top of the mountain. Many put garbage everywhere & stray dogs from the village were there to eat them. It was like a small village on top. Apart from us there were more than 50 people & 20 tents were there. Maybe because it was the weekend. But the thing is it was polluted around the camping area. Some Assholes never thought about nature & it was very disappointing to see beneath the trees. Many treetops were cut off as I could notice.

Chariot Path - End of the hike

0900hrs – We packed ourselves & began our journey back. It took around 2hrs to reach the bus stop & we were waiting there for the bus. We booked the bus day before, since it was a holiday & no public transports were there on that day. It was a tired noon. We could not wait to reach Pussellawa town to fulfill our bellies. Time to time I felt asleep, but the bended road did not allow me to continue on with my dreams. 

1215hrs – Reached Pussellawa & we took our lunch there. Food as not quite good at that time. Most of the shops were closed due to the holiday.

way back from hike Sri Lanka
way back from hike Sri Lanka

Back to Colombo

1345hrs – We got on board & looked for a place to have a bath. Since the “raja Piilla” (Kings Shower) is nearby we hope to have a change over there. It was crowded & some paddy festival was happening there. So we left there and continued our journey to Colombo.

As a proud Sri Lankan you should visit this beauty & the elegance of Sri Lanka. Not to destroy but to save them to the future. Visit them in an environmentally friend manner. It would complete your adventure hike to Chariot path with mesmerizing views if you do it politely. But never think to put even a toothpick hear & there.

Long live travelers, Cheers…..!

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